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Terms & Conditions

1. Making A Booking And Payment:
To secure a booking at least 50% must be paid and balance paid in full at least 7 days before pickup. The 50% deposit is non refundable. Payment can be made by card, bank transfer or cash. For cash payment the client must provide credit card details.

2. Price:
All prices in euros. Prices are accurate at the date of publication, however we reserve the right to increase or decrease our prices at any time. Once you have booked, the price is guaranteed, except that Pleisure Transfers may pass on to you any increases due to Government levies, tax or fuel surcharges.

3. Cancellation Or Alteration By Pleisure Transfers:
Pleisure Transfers shall endeavour to inform you as quickly as possible of any changes to your booking. We reserve the right to make minor alterations without incurring any liability to the client. In the unlikely event of Pleisure Transfers having to make major alterations to or cancelling, we shall offer an alternative or a full refund of all money paid.

4. Cancellation Or Alteration By The Client:
Cancellation or alterations will only take effect when written notification is received. If cancellation is received in writing prior to 2 weeks before pickup then any amount over the non refundable 50% deposit will be refunded minus a 50€ admin charge.

5. Delays:
In the event of your flight being delayed it is your responsibility to contact Pleisure Transfers and inform us of the situation. Our driver will wait for 60 minutes at no extra charge. After 60 minutes there is a fee of 25€ an hour. If the delay becomes unreasonable, in excess of 60 minutes or if the delay causes considerable scheduling difficulties, Pleisure Transfers reserves the right to suspend the booking.

In the event that our driver is delayed for reasons beyond our control our first priority will be to seek alternative arrangements, however we will not incur any liability for circumstances not within our management, for example – unforeseen traffic delays or accidents, road closure, extreme weather conditions, an act of terrorism/vandalism, a vehicle breakdown, industrial action by third parties or the vehicle being held or delayed by a police office or government official.

6. Client Responsibility:
You accept responsibility to conduct yourself and your party in an orderly fashion and to not disrupt the enjoyment of others or prejudice the reputation of Pleisure Transfers. The transfer of any client breaking this clause shall be terminated and Pleisure Transfers will have no further responsibility to them. You agree that any loss or damage caused by a client will be recovered immediately and paid in full.

7. Liability:
Pleisure  Transfers cannot be held responsible for or pay any compensation where any loss, delay or costs are caused by war, threat of war, riot, civil strike, industrial dispute, political unrest, pandemic, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions(including avalanches and mud slides), closure of airports, ports, stations, or roads, and all similar events. This list is by way of example and not by way of limitation.

8. Insurance
All passengers and baggage being transported must be fully insured by the client. In some circumstance where additional costs have been incurred due to delay or diversion, the client may be able to claim through their travel insurance. Pleisure Transfers will provide backup data / information to support a claim.

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